Electric City Throwdown

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

  • The Electric City Throwdown (ECTD) is the first Competition in Great Falls.  It is going to be an outdoor, grass-root style competition consisting of 4 Workouts, and 1 final workout for the final 3 teams in the RX Division. There will be teams of 2 consisting of 1 Male and 1 Female.
  • All competitors will receive a T-Shirt and goodie bag.  All prizes will be given to the top 3 teams in each division.
  • There will be 2 divisions consisting of RX and Scaled
  • Movement standards for RX Athletes: Muscle-ups(Bar and Ring)-Double Unders-Chest to bar Pull-ups-Toes to Bar-Handstand Push-ups-Clean 205#+/115#+, Snatch 115#/85#-Other than that normal Open RX Standards should be doable and will be the standards.
  • Movement standards for Scaled Athletes: Pull-ups will be ring-rows-Double Unders will be Single Unders-Handstand Push-ups will be DB Push Press- Toes to Bar will be Abmat Sit-ups- Clean 115+/65+, Snatch 96/65#+
  • Athlete subsititutions are allowed but must be declared during the final registration the morning of September 22nd. 
  • Please make sure to bring all of your personal functional fitness items you regularly have during any workout. 
  • There is plenty of parking at the Centene Stadium which is hosting the ECTD.  
  • This event will be held at an outdoor facility, so please make sure to bring shade tents/umbrellas and plenty of sun screen.