Girls Gone Rx Washington

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

Girls Gone Rx is proud to announce our 3rd Annual event in Bellingham! We had a blast last year and can't wait to see everyone crush it again this year!

Our competitions are put on to bring all types of women together through Competing for a Cure.

Teams of 3 Badass Ladies: 4 Workouts

Excited to announce we now have 2 divisions!
Here is a quick description to help you determine what division to register for. 

RX Division :: Your team can efficiently do the following: pull-ups, double unders, & handstand pushups. Can efficiently do a full Squat Snatch and/or full Squat Clean & Jerk at or above 95lbs.

BAM Division (Badass In the Making) :: Athletes that are new to the competition scene or beginners. Needs to do modifications like jumping pull-ups, new to olympic lifting, and needs to modify most of the workouts. 

Some benefits of our events:
> Girls Weekend! Have a blast competing with your best friends for a great cause!
> Fun, rocking pink and glitter, challenging workouts, PR’s, and tons of epic moments!
> No “finals”, all teams will get to do all workouts!

Registration: $225 per team
This event benefits Bright Pink

In addition to some amazing prizes for the top teams, EVERY team will get an awesome swag bag! Swag bag include tons of samples, freebies, coupon codes, gift certs, and more!

We do not do refunds for our events, but will happily accept team exchanges if you can find someone to take your team spot.

You can all be from different gyms, and they don’t have to be affiliated - just come ready to have fun! Wear your most ridiculous matching outfits and come up with a fun team name. The goal is to HAVE FUN. 
Oh, and did we mention there are prizes?!

Scoring: For Time: Fastest is Better | Time Cap: 12

6 Rounds for Time:
               16 Front Squats 95lbs (BAM = 65lbs)

               12 Shoulder to Overhead 95lbs (BAM = 65lbs)

               8 Burpees over Barbell


* Athletes may rotate throughout the AMRAP as needed, with no minimum work requirement.

* One Athlete works at a time; other athletes will rest.

* Front Squat: Athletes may squat clean their first rep, but full depth must be met for the rep to count with Hip crease below the knee. Full Extension of the knees and hips between reps.

* Shoulder to Overhead may be any style: Press, Push Press, Push Jerk, Power Jerk, Split Jerk, Squat Jerk. Barbell must be locked out overhead, in line with the body, and with the feet brought back in line with the body.

* Burpee over Barbell: Athletes may face the barbell or perform the parallel to the barbell. A two-foot jump is required with jumping over the Barbell, BAM division may step over.  Chest must touch the ground at the bottom of the burpee, and Athletes do not need to come to full extension when jumping over the barbell. Burpee + jump over is 1 repetition.

* Time Cap: 12 Minutes
* Score: Time 

Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better

AMRAP in 10 Minutes:

     50 Syncro Toes to Bar (BAM = Syncro Hanging Knee Raises)

     50 Single Arm Hang Dumbbell Power Cleans 35lbs (BAM = 20lbs)

     50 Double Unders (BAM = 100 Single Unders)

     50 Partner Deadlifts 205 (BAM = 175lbs) 



* Athletes may rotate as needed throughout the workout.

* Syncro Toes to Bar: Two Athletes will begin by hanging from the pull up bar. Athletes will touch their toes to the bar at the same time for 1 repetition. Both feet must touch the pull up bar at the same time, and both feet must be behind the plane of the pull up bar between repetitions. BAM will bring their knees above the height of the hips, all other standards remain the same.

* Dumbbell Hang Power Clean: Athlete will bring the Dumbbell from a Hang Position (anywhere but the ground) to their shoulder (1 head of the dumbbell must touch on TOP of the shoulder). Athletes 1st rep may not be brought from the ground to shoulder in 1 motion, but must be deadlifted first, then brought to the hang position to start the repetition. Rx division may not have non-lifting hand contact body, BAM division may have hand on body to assist in the movement.

* Double Unders: 1 Jump for 2 rotations of the rope. A 2 footed jump is required, and no backward jumping will be allowed.

* Single Unders: 1 jump for 1 rotation of the rope. A 2 footed jump is required, and no backward jumping will be allowed.

* Partner Deadlifts: Two Athletes will be working together to deadlift 1 barbell. Overhand, Underhand, and Switch Grip are all acceptable. Athletes may also cross arms if needed to level out the barbell for mix height teams.

* Score = Reps

Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better

Complete 3a and 3b together with a 6-minute Running clock for 2 Scores:

3a: AMRAP in 6 Minutes:

                Max Rep Cals on Rower

Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better

3b: AMRAP in 6 Minutes:

               Max Rep Cals on Air Assault Bike


Scoring: For Weight: Heavier is Better

9 Minutes Total for the Team to establish:
               2rm Snatch (each athlete)


* Athletes may rotate throughout the 9 minutes and go in any order.

* The Team has 9 minutes total to use as needed to get each Athlete to establish their 2rm.
* Teams will be given at their station: 1 35lb barbell, 1 pair of collars, and 2 of the following plates- 45lb, 25lb, 10lb, another 10lb, 5lb, 2.5lb. If an athlete on your team is above a 230lb Lift, one additional pair of 45lb plates will be given to the team.
* Collars must be used on the barbell every attempt.
* Any athlete may help change weights.

* Snatch may be any style: Muscle, Power, Split, Squat

* 2rm: Athletes may drop the bar and reset between lifts and take as much time as needed between lifts. However, no other athlete may lift before 2 consecutive lifts are made by the previous Athlete. Athlete may choose to warm up hitting only singles, but only the 2 successful lifts back to back will be counted for the Athlete score.
* Score: A1 2rm Snatch + A2 2rm Snatch + A3 2rm Snatch

Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better

donations can be made to the teams fundraising pages here