Lift up The Youth

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

Lift Up The Youth is an event geared towards contributing to a global effort and the future of our planet, the kids! Our Goal is to raise $5000 dollars to provide orphans and underprivileged children with educational resources, medical assistance, technology, clean H2O, and vocational training that will empower them to become self sufficient in a global environment.

In teams of two (same sex teams), partners will complete three workouts. There will be THREE divisions a Beginner, Scaled and Rx, with prizes will be awarded to winners for the top 3 teams in all divisions.

Registration ends January 22nd 2016.

The Early Bird Special for teams that register before December 31st.

The price will be $120/ team ($60/ person)
** Promo code: FOR THE KIDS**

Registrations from 1/1-1/15

Indecisive Bird Price - $140/ team ($70/ person)
**Promo code: SPREAD THE ALOHA**

1/1/2016-Sell out
Lazy Bird Price - $150/ team ($75/ person)

Registration includes a t-shirt, wristband and registration fee will be donated to Spread The Aloha To Kids.
Spectators are more than welcome to attend!

Spread the Aloha To Kids is a non profit dedicated to providing soft goods, clothing, books, school supplies and other durable materials are provided to recipients across the globe. Their 100% all Volunteer non-paid staff is a Family of charity-brothers/sisters who desire to give back Communally and Globally. Their efforts are not for recognition, nor accolades, but for the pure-love of helping those less fortunate.

For more information please visit:

Prizes will be awarded to winners for the top 3 teams in both divisions.

Stay tuned for more details on sponsors, swag, vendors and MORE!

Day of: Athletes must check-in at 745am. First heat starts at 9am!

Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better

"Patty Cake" 10 min AMRAP: 2-4-6-8 Rx 2 - Muscle up 4 - Snatch (155/95) 6 - OHS (155/95), 8 - BoxJump over (30"/24") Scaled 2 - Ring dip 4 - Snatch (95/65) 6 - OHS (95/65) 8 - BoxJump over (24"/20")

Scoring: For Time: Fastest is Better | Tiebreaker: Reps

"Sticks and stones" For time: 12min time cap 200 Double Unders 100 Deadlift (135/75) 80 push Ups 60 Barbell Lunge (135/75) 50 chest-2-bar Pull-ups 50 Wall Ball Partner Shots (20/14 lb) 1 min rest Scaled 300 single Unders 100 Deadlift (115/65) 80 push-ups from knee 60 Barbell Lunges 50 pull-ups 50 air squats 1 min rest

Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better

2 Min AMRAP: ME HSPU/Hand Stand Hold ME Burpee

Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better

Sandbag Floater 5 min AMRAP: 50m Sandbag Carry "One Person carries sandbag 25m and the sandbag must touch the matt, then either partner can pickup the sandbag and carry it back 25m." Partners Chose Sandbag weight and score will be calculated from total power output from team P=(Force * Distance)/ time