Norce Face/Off 2018 Qualifier

Online Competition for Teams

Event description

We welcome you to NORCE FACE/OFF 2018 – A functional fitness competition like no other! 

RX and Intermediate teams consisting of 1 male and 1 female athlete will battle for the top spot, cool cash and sponsor gifts.

These are the four stages of NORCE FACE/OFF:

>> 1. SIGN UP: 
July 1st – july 15th -  early bird: 30€
July 15th – august 31st - Normal sign up: 40€

When signing up, there are no divisions! All teams will be seeded and divided into the divisions; RX & Intermediate after the 2 qualifiers.

Qualifier no1 & no2 will be released august 1st at 1pm. The qualifiers are individual workouts and the combined score will determine the team’s overall placement.  

The workouts need to be recorded and the video submission standards are the same as during the Open. 

Deadline for score and video submission is august 31st at 10pm

Only a limited number of teams will advance to the live competition and pay the 50€ fee. 

The Top half will be RX and the bottom half will be intermediate.

Day 1: September 15th

The top teams from the qualifier will battle for a spot on day 2: THE FACE/OFF

ALL TEAMS will need to complete 4 tough workouts and 'Expect the unexpected' has never rang more true!

Cool Prizes are awarded to the winning team of each workout in each division.

At the end of day 1 only a limited number of teams will advance to the face/off part of the competition on day 2.

>> 3. FACE/OFF:
Day 2: September 16th

The top teams from day 1 will go head to head till only one team is left standing!

Every single Face/Off workout will be an overall test of fitness and will NOT favor one special kind of athlete.

Teams that secures a podium finish will receive cash prizes and awesome sponsor gifts

All face/off battles will be live streamed via Facebook with commentators.