Winter Series - Partnered

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description


You have just enjoyed the Summer Series! 

Its time for the Winters Twist! 

This time around for the first time in history, Stand Alone Series Is going Same Sex pairs! 

100 Teams will be live on the floor! 

50 Male Teams (Any Age Combination)

50 Female Teams (Any Age Combination)

Live DJ! 


Food & Drink Stands! 

Prizes To Be Won! 

*RX Or Scale any WOD on the day! 

*All level of abilities will be able to thrive on a competion floor. 

Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better


In Pairs: 1 Works, 1 Rests 

0-2 Minutes Deadlifts 

2-4 Minutes Power Cleans 

4-6 Minutes Front Squat 

6-8 Minutes STOH 

8-10 Minutes Box Jump Overs 


*P1 has 60 Seconds to accumilate as many reps as possible.

*P2 is resting for P1 to finish their 60 seconds of max effort of the desired movment. 


Rx @50/35

Sc @40/25

Box Jump height is @24/20. Sc can step over.

Scoring: For Time: Fastest is Better | Time Cap: 8


In pairs: 6R4T (3 Rounds Each)

P1: 10 DB Snatches 

      10 Cal Row 

P2: Bumper plate to hold above or away from the body


*Each athlete has to perform 3 rounds. 

*Athlete will complete 1 round before swapping.

*If the plate is droped or not in the pescribed positon, athletes can not continue the workout. Athletes MUST STOP if  the workout requirments are not met.


RX @22.5/15KG

Sc @15/9KG

Plate Weight @20/15KG

Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better


In pairs: (8 Minute AMRAP)

10 FRBB Lunges (Individual) 

20 DU's (Individual) 

10 Burpee Over Bar (Synchro)


*Front Rack Lunges and Double unders can be compelted by any athlete. The only requirment is that the burpees over the bar are synchronised.

*Athletes must tounch their chest on the floor at the same time for it to be counted. 

*Atheltes must jump with 2 feet and land with 2 feet to be counted. 


Rx @50/35

Sc @35/25

Double unders scaled is 40 singles.



1 Max Unbroken Effort (3 Minute Cap)

RX - Bar Muscle Ups (3 Points)

     - Pull Ups (1 Point) 

Sc - Max Hold (Chin Above Bar, 3 points per second)

     - Max Holding Hang (Arms Straight, 1 per second)


*Only 1 Athlete can go at a time.

*Athletes can have multiple attempts. The max unbroken set will be counted.

Scoring: For Time: Fastest is Better | Time Cap: 15

Santa Rudolph

80 Calorie Row 

10 Partner Deadlifts 

60 KB Swings 

10 Partner Deadlifts 

40 T2B

10 Partner Deadlifts 

20 Partner Squats  

10 Partner Deadlifts

RX: Deadlifts 140/100KG, 

Scale: Deadlifts 100/80KG, 


* 1 Works, 1 rests. 

* KB weight is 24/16KG for both RX and Scale athletes

* Scaled athletes can perform hanging knee raises instead of T2B. Also Goblet Squats will count instead of partner squats for Scaled athletes.