Ballast 2018 Powerlifting Meet

Event description


Ballast will be hosting a NON-sanctioned epic power lifting meet for all ages. Each athlete will have the opportunity to lift to maximal weight in 3 attempts in the following categories; back squat, bench, and deadlift (in that order). We want to see everyone come out to support and see some people lift big weights. This competition will be great for beginners and advanced lifters, with female and male division in both. Winners in each division will be determined through the Sinclair method (weight + weight liftinged = sinclair score). Athletes will have the option to weigh in up to 24hours in advance to the start of competition. Weigh ins will end at 7am the day of competition. Immediately after the completion of weigh-ins there will be an athlete briefing to go over rules for all three lifts. Please be flexible with times as we may adjust as needed. If you have any questions please email Look forward to seeing all of you and watching some great competition.