Femme Royale Women's Competition // Denver

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description


Come join us at Verve !! 
The Femme Royale competitions are put on to bring ALL types of women together through competition.
3 Divisions
>> FUN + 50/50 + RX <<
3 Partner Style Workouts 
2 Ladies Per Team
Femme Royale isn't about one girl, but creating a group of women that share the same powerful vision and passion for life. We are a platform for women who desire more. We believe competitions are a healthy outlet for women to learn a lot about themselves. Overcoming what they never thought was possible. An opportunity to adopt new empowering beliefs about themselves. Breakthrough mental limitation, an opportunity to develop a strong work ethic, discipline, and over come challenges. 
We believe our competitions will help women build a stronger self confidence. Competency for their own life, not only through a physical capacity but in their emotional, mental, spiritual development as well.