The Berlin Throwdown 2018 - Finals

Onsite Competition for Individuals and teams

Event description


Congratulations on qualifying for The Berlin Throwdown 2018 Finals!


Congratulations! You are receiving this invitation because you are one of the top athletes or teams that will advance from the Qualifiers to The Berlin Throwdown on 6th - 8th July, 2018.

Please purchase your ticket for the final by registrating on this page.

Deadline to Register
3rd May 2018
22:00 CET

If you do not register before the above date and time, you will lose the chance to compete in the finals and the next top ranked athlete/team will be invited to replace you.



-All Athletes will compete Friday, Saturday and Sunday

-Registration in Berlin is MANDATORY for all Athletes on Friday 6th of July, between 1-4pm. Location is "The Reed".

-On Saturday night we will host an after Show Party with drinks (yes, that's actual drinks WITH BOOZE!! No worries, there will be water for all those copeting on Sunday...) and free BBQ (SAY WHAT?!). All Athletes and Spectators with a valid Ticket for The Berlin Throwdown will get free entry. Start is 7pm. Location is "Backyard".

-We will be done by 6pm Sunday


- Jump Rope

- Sunglasses
- Warm/weatherproof clothing as well as your speedo or bikini (we're competing outdoors and are NOT in Miami. What a bummer. It might be ridiculously hot or pouring rain. Maybe even both at the same time.)
- Sorry, no pets allowed inside the venue

Free Parking is available at the venue.

Please note there will be no refunds for Finals Registration.