3rd Annual Throwdown at Fidelis CrossFit

Onsite Competition for Individuals

Event description

Fidelis 3rd Annual Throwdown 

presented by SportClips Haircuts

This event commemorates Fidelis 's anniversary and are open for our MEMBERS ONLY.  We are excited about turning 3 this year and what better way to celebrate than to see our members throwing down against each other!

All members with at least 6 months experience and 18 years or older are encouraged to compete. This is an ideal event for those who have competed before as well as those who have never competed.  The best part of a members-only competition, you will have so many supporters cheering you on.

Competitors will receive more information on what movements and weights to expect in each division.  If competitors need to change their division once that's received, they can do so by emailing info@fidelis.com.    

There will be two divisions:

  • Rx - Male and Female
  • Scaled - Male and Female

Our athletes can expect there to be 3 events, possibly 1 floater, and a final event for the top 5 finishers.

Cost will be $40, which includes a t-shirt.

Let's see that inner badass!

There are NO REFUNDS and any substitution requests must be made by emailing details to info@fidelis.com, no later than Friday, September 11, 2015, at 12:00 PM.

Scoring: For Time: Fastest is Better

For Time: 40 WBS (ST:20 @ 10’) ----------------[SC:16/10 @ 9’] 12 DL (ST:225) ----------------[SC:155/105] 30 Weighted Sit-Ups (ST:20) ----------------[SC:16/10] 12 DL 20 HR Push Ups 12 DL 10 cal Row Sprint to Finish CAP: 11min (+1second for every rep NOT completed)

Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better | Tiebreaker: Time of last completed round

7min AMRAP 2 Hang P. Snatch (ST:95)___________[SC:75/45] 2 Box Jump Over (ST:24/20)___________[SC:Step Up Over] 4 Hang P. Snatch 4 Box Jump Over 6 Hang P. Snatch 6 Box Jump Over *** ***Continue adding 2-reps per movement per round

Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better

A) 1min ME Burpee Over Bar

Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better


Scoring: For Weight: Heavier is Better

In 2min find: 1RM Cluster/Thruster ST: Cluster SC: Thruster

Scoring: For Time: Fastest is Better

For Time: Sprint 5 Laps 10 G2OS (ST:100)____[SC:70/50] 20 KBS (ST:53)____[SC:44/35] 10m OH Lunges (ST:95)____[SC:65/35] 10 SQ Cleans (ST:115)____[SC:85/45] 10m Racked Lunges (ST:115)____[SC:85/45] 5 C&J (ST:155)____[SC:95/55] 10 G2OS (ST:100)____[SC:70/50] Sprint to Finish CAP: 15min (+1second for every rep NOT completed)

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