Lowlands Throwdown Online Qualifier 2018

Virtual Competition for Individuals

Event description

The Lowlands Throwdown has been the Functional Fitness Competition in the Benelux since 2010. Starting with 43 athletes in 2010 the competition has now grown to 2500 athletes in 2017.

The competition has its roots in The Netherlands, but has a European focus. As the sport of fitness (also known as ) is rapidly growing, so is The Lowlands Throwdown.

The Lowlands Throwdown started out as a Benelux event, but has grown into a event that attracts athletes from all over Europe. Our goal is to gradually grow whilst maintaining our leading position as the most professional functional fitness competition in Europe.

Above all our focus lies on a creating an amazing customer journey for all our stakeholders: Athletes, Spectators, Vendors, Sponsors and Volunteers.

Refund policy

All payments are final. No refunds or transfers will be permitted, regardless of reason (injury, illness, change in work schedule, deployment, etc.) 

Workout release date

The workouts will be released on Wednesday, August 29, 2018.

Qualifying rules

ATHLETES can do the QUALIFIER workouts on:
Thursday 30-8-2018,
Friday 31-8-2018,
Saturday 1-9-2018,
Sunday 2-9-2018.

Scores must be submitted before Sunday evening 2-9-2018 21:00 CEST

Athletes must complete all workouts on the same day, in the prescribed order. Repeating the workouts is permitted, but all workouts need to be completed again in the prescribed order. It is not allowed to redo one or two workouts separately.

Only scores may be submitted that are part of one three-WOD attempt, performed in consecutive order (wod1, wod2, wod3). Submitting results from different attempts is not permitted.

In principle, the qualifier of the Lowlands Throwdown must be performed at an official  affiliate with a Judge. If not performed at an official affiliate a video registration and submission is always required.

Please see our rulebook for more detailed rules and information.